Our Story

Bulelani Smoke BBQ was born in our home. When guests who sampled Ossie’s mouthwatering BBQ kept coming back for more, we knew we were on to something good.

After careful planning, we perfected our “low and slow” smoke BBQ technique and launched our first pop­up event in 2014.

It was exactly what Amsterdam was missing: authentic BBQ flavors with excellent service, in a cozy, intimate environment. News spread like wildfire, and we never looked back.

We named our concept Bulelani, in honor of Ossie’s late brother, and a Xhosa word that means “to be thankful.” Looking back at what we’ve achieved with the support of everyone who loves our food, we are thankful indeed.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about food. We source our meats from ethical, free­range farmers. We support local businesses and treat our suppliers as part of the Bulelani family.

We love making guests happy. A warm welcome and consistently great service are part of the Bulelani experience. From the moment you arrive until you step out the door, you we treat you as a guest in our home.

We are a team of professionals. Master of the BBQ, Ossie has over 20 years of experience in food and hospitality. Having risen in the ranks to all the way to senior management at some of London’s finest award-winning restaurants, Ossie now pours all his creativity, expertise, and passion for food into Bulelani Smoke BBQ.

As an anthropologist and futures strategist, Timo has been helping companies navigate the future for over 15 years. With his extensive experience in business and strategy, he oversees the business side of Bulelani Smoke BBQ, as well as front-of-house.

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